DIY Library

Placing a Request for Materials @

Learn how to use your San Diego County Library Card to get books, movies and music delivered to you at a San Diego County Library branch. Place a request to access the collections from Link + (public and university libraries in CA) and the San Diego Circuit (USD, UCSD, SDSU and Cal State San Marcos)


Ebooks and Downloadable Audiobooks

Watch the video or click here to get information on checking out ebooks and downloadable audiobooks from OverDrive.

12 thoughts on “DIY Library

  1. Robin,
    Love the video and its contents. Great idea, and I’m inspired. I’m sure I will want to recommend them. I will be promoting this resource, thanks.

  2. “Amazon announces Library Lending for Kindle Books (4/20/11)”… Hope SDCL can be one of the ~11,000 libraries to offer Kindle ebooks! Two thirds of all ebooks/ebook reading devices today are Kindle, so this is where the demand will be for ebook borrowing. Kindle (& Kindle apps) will allow user-specific, persistent annotation of checked-out Kindle books, too: add notes/highlighting but it’s clean for the next patron; check it out again (or buy your own copy) and there are your annotations. Amazon’s partnering with Overdrive on this so SDCL is already halfway there. Should be an improvement to current Adobe solution.

    • They will automatically “return themselves” when the lending peiod is up. If you finish early and want to return it so the next person waiting can have it, it will depend on what type of ebook it is. AdobeĀ® eBooks can be returned using Adobe Digital Editions, while EPUB ebooks can be returned using OverDrive Media Console v2.3 (or newer) for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone/iPad.

  3. The video was informative but too much information to properly digest and I couldn’t find a link to print a copy of all the instructions and locations to click on.

  4. Please add a video tutorial on this page on how to download and return kindle books since the majority of ebook readers use a kindle.

  5. I’ve been using Overdrive for several years and have downloaded many great audiobooks. I love this capability, I do agree the set up instructions are difficult to understand. I’m pretty technical and I had a difficult time setting up Overdrive, searching for and downloading books. Today, I have difficulty finding more books that interest me because I think I’ve just about downloaded every book I find interesting. The picking is getting very slim! I’ve turned to physically checking out audiobooks on CD, but they are always so damaged. I can’t tell you how many times I have not been able to enjoy the book I checked out because the CDs were too scratched. One time I was on the last CD and it was so damaged I was not able to listen to the end of the book. I was so frustrated! However, I am so grateful for the ability to download audiobooks for FREE that I really don’t want to complain too much. I wish the CDs could all be available for download too, then we wouldn’t run into that problem. The library may save money in the long run, the books will last longer if available electronically! I imagine the CD copies don’t hold up too well since the CDs scratch so easily. One scratch is all it takes to ruin the copy.

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