What you’re missing out on: K.J. Parker

I bet most of you have never heard of the mysterious Ms. or Mr. Parker [rumor has it it’s a pseudonym for a well-known author?!], but s/he is writing some of the most interesting novels I’ve read in the past year.

You might categorize them as fantasy, since they take place in a land that’s clearly not ours, but there’s no magic or elves or wizards or anything like that.

The newest Parker title is Purple and Black, but I started with the Engineer Trilogy, and I liked the very machine-like plot (appropriate for what is basically a swashbuckling adventure novel with an engineer as the (anti)hero).

It felt like every chapter was adding another cog or gear or something
that would keep changing your expectation of what the eventual result was supposed to be, but that that result was inevitable anyway.

click. click. click. click. BOOM.

Titles in the Engineer Trilogy:

Devices and Desires

Evil for Evil

The Escapement


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