Blackout by Connie Willis

Connie Willis is famous for writing awesome books about time-traveling historians–her newest one, Blackout, is set in WWII England during the Blitz.

Three researchers from Oxford in 2060 have traveled back in time to study the war first-hand, but when it comes time for them to return to the future, they can’t get back!
This is shaping up to be one of my favorite Connie Willis books ever–she even takes two things I normally hate in books–a WWII setting and that thing where each chapter switches to another character–and makes me love them.

The only problem–THE GIANT CLIFFHANGER!! PART TWO IS COMING IN THE FALL! I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself in the meantime.

Also, check out these other great Connie Willis titles:

Bellwether – Here-and-now speculative yarn involving chaos theory and statistical prediction. Employed by the HiTek company, Sandra Foster is trying to develop a theory that can predict how and why fads and trends begin. But her attempts to computerize her data (mostly in the form of magazine and newspaper clippings) are constantly frustrated by the awful Flip, the erratic, forgetful, careless interdepartmental assistant. Still, Flip does lead Sandra to meet biologist Bennett O’Reilly, who thinks he’s discovered a hidden factor within current chaos theories. –Kirkus

Doomsday Book – Kivrin, a history student at Oxford in 2048, travels back in time to a 14th-century English village, despite a host of misgivings on the part of her unofficial tutor. When the technician responsible for the procedure falls prey to a 21st-century epidemic, he accidentally sends Kivrin back not to 1320 but to 1348–right into the path of the Black Death. Unaware at first of the error, Kivrin becomes deeply involved in the life of the family that takes her in. But before long she learns the truth and comes face to face with the horrible, unending suffering of the plague that would wipe out half the population of Europe. –PW

To Say Nothing of the Dog, or, How We Found the Bishop’s Bird Stump at Last – Ned Henry goes back in time to to 1889 to study the Coventry Cathedral for a wealthy American who wants to build an exact replica before it is destroyed, and when one of his associates rescues a feline in distress causing the timeline to be altered, Ned must race against time to restore history.–PW

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