Canning Is Urban Chic

So, the new hip thing is canning those heirloom tomatoes or the specialties from your local cooperative gardens!  Sara Dickerman posted in a SLATE blog:

     Preserving food at home has become modish of late. The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and the New York Times have all noted the intense popularity of canning: overflowing classes, new cookbooks, obsessive blogs, and Twitter-publicized can-ins. Another, more concrete indication of the trend: sales of the Jarden Corporation‘s Ball glass canning jars are booming despite the recession.

So, enjoy the abundance of the harvest and give canning a try.  How to get started?  Check out these great titles!


The New Preserves : Pickles, Jams, and Jellies /  by Anne V. Nelson

As fresh foods and farmers’ markets gain influence, edging out the overprocessed and supersized from our diets, everything old–and bursting with flavor–is new again, and Americans are turning to time-honored skills like pickling and preserving to wake up their palates. Here, in a current guide that calls upon the newest safety and health information while also updating recipes for modern tastes, Anne V. Nelson walks readers through every step of the process.  (Globe Fearon Co.)


The Everything Canning & Preserving Book : All you need to know to enjoy natural, healthy foods year round /  by Patricia Telesco

In a guide that includes canning tips for first-time canners and over one hundred recipes, the authors teach readers how to find and use the tools they need to preserve foods by drying, freezing, canning, and pickling, in a book that includes a glossary and an appendix listing products, books, and Web sites.  (Baker & Taylor)


Jam it, Pickle it, Cure it : And Other Cooking Projects /  by Karen Solomon

Do you relish the joys of hot toast spread with your own homemade butter and jam? Love to dazzle your friends with jars and tins of choice goodies–all created by you? The kitchen is a paradise for crafty cooks, and whether you’re a newcomer to the realm of amateur artisanal edibles or a seasoned food crafter on the prowl for your next batch of appetizing challenges, Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It has recipes galore for you.  (Random House)


Preserving Nature’s Bounty /  by Frances Bissell

Food preservation has never been simpler! This illustrated guide to canning and preserving covers everything. With streamlined processes and time-saving tips, making smaller batches of fruit butters and cheeses, syrups, pickles, and salsa is fast and easy. Delicious recipes for Red Currant, Cider & Pepper Jelly; Pineapple & Roasted Yellow Pepper Salsa; Passion-Fruit Vinegar; Spiced Pickle Spears; Tamarillo Jam; and Blackberry Vodka. A Selection of the Good Cook Book Club  (Sterling)

Or click here to see all the books on canning and preserving!


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