31 days, 31 cookies, 31 cookbooks

October is National Cookie Month.  In celebration, we are going to bake a different kind of cookie each day of the month.  Each cookie recipe will be from a book in our collection.  31 days, 31 cookies, 31 cookbooks.Stack of cookbooks

Follow us on Twitter (@hotrightnowsdcl) for a daily summary of the cookie, the cookbook, and photographic evidence that we really baked it.  And check back here regularly for cookie reviews in the comments.

And who is going to eat and review all of those cookies?  Each day, a library branch or department (or two, since we have 31 days and 35 branches, plus our administrative departments) will be the recipient of our endeavors.  Keep an eye out here and on Twitter to see who got what and what they thought, or go old school and start a conversation with staff next time you visit your library.

Hungry yet?  If you want to try the recipes for yourself, go to www.sdcl.org to place your book requests.


6 thoughts on “31 days, 31 cookies, 31 cookbooks

  1. The Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies from “100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes” was really good! They had a little spice to them. It’s also very cool that I can upload this book from Overdrive, so I use it right in the kitchen and not get my cookbook all dirty!

  2. Hey, there’s a fantastic display of cookbooks at the El Cajon Library at 201 E. Douglas. They’re flying off the shelves like the proverbial hotcakes…but we haven’t gotten our cookies yet.

  3. The brownies were great!

    Cookie: Emmas Cashew fudge Brownies

    Book: Always the baker, never the bride

    The brownies were delicious very chocolatey, added bonus were the nuts!

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