National Cookie Month recap

Now that the (flour and cocoa) dust has settled, and the SDCL bakers have had a chance to recover, a brief recap of National Cookie Month.  The complete list of books we used can be found here.

We definitely found some keepers – Chunky, Chewy Blondies from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking and the Black Mamba Cookies from Celebrate with Chocolate by Marcel Desaulniers were both definite favorites.

We also learned a few things.  This was a great way to force ourselves into trying books and recipes that we never would have tried.  The Brown Sugar and Sea Salt Cookies were actually really good, and we probably never would have made them ordinarily.  Cookbooks for kids, that those of us without kids would normally never look at, yielded some really creative, easy, tasty recipes.  And e-book versions of cookbooks are really handy if you have something portable on which to read them in the kitchen (or if you need a recipe now and don’t have a book handy).

As a result of this little challenge, we’re trying to come up with ideas for future challenges to broaden our horizons further – anybody got any ideas?  (I’m pretty sure none of us could handle a book a day, before anyone suggests it!)


One thought on “National Cookie Month recap

  1. Thanks for all the cookies. What a pleasant and tasty surprise the day they arrived at our branch. Loved the Black Mamba cookies, chocolate and more chocolate!

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