Kindle E-books Available!

Yes, Kindle has finally come on board with offering their proprietary e-books through libraries.  Thousands of Kindle owners who have been waiting for Amazon to make ebooks available through the local public libraries say hurrah!  

While digital downloads of e-books have been available at libraries for years, this marks the first time that e-books from Kindle will also be available. 

For library patrons who already go on the San Diego County Library website to see what’s available, finding a Kindle e-book will be just as convenient.

In order to download an e-book from the library, readers  go to SDCL’s  website, create an OverDrive account, and if the e-book they’re looking for is available, they can simply click “Send to Kindle.”    The website will automatically send the book ordered over to, where they can sync up their device via Wi-Fi or a USB port to download the e-book. 

Like a regular library book, you’ll have the e-book on your Kindle only for a limited time. Like a library book, there will be limited copies of e-books at libraries, so if you’re searching for a Kindle e-book of  a very popular title, you will have to wait until someone checks one back in.  

The San Diego County Library has over 3,000 e-book titles, and most are single use books, meaning only one person at a time can check them out.  Fortunately, we also have some titles, such as the Lonely Planet Travel guides, which are offered with “max access”  which means as many people as want them can check them out at any time.   SDCL also offers the Project Gutenberg e-books with “max access” and an unlimited number of users at any time.

We also offer instructions on the DYI videos, on the Hot.Right.Now. website,  that will help you in setting up your OverDrive account, and in checking out e-books,  audio books, and videos. 

The popularity of e-books is growing.  Ian Singer, publisher of LJ and School Library Journal, said at the group’s first e-book virtual summit,  “We believe libraries will play a critical role in larger e-book adoption.”  Ebooks: The New Normal summit will take place Oct 12 in New York City.  (Library


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