Recommended Read: Shadow and Bone

Shadow and BoneShadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
Recommended by Ramona Price
Youth Services Librarian, Bonita Branch

Alina is a lowly assistant cartographer with the Army plagued by unrequited love for her childhood friend Mal, a tracker with the same Army unit. When their unit attempts to cross the Shadow Fold and are attacked by the Volcra, Alina discovers she has a previously unknown power that could be the first real weapon Ravka has against the Shadow Fold, and ushers Alina into the privileged world of the Grisha, where among the glamour and luxury she discovers more danger and treachery than she thought possible.  I love how gradually the truth reveals itself to Alina and to us.  Initially overwhelmed by the beauty of her new surroundings and the attention she’s getting from the Grisha, it takes time for her to see the truth underneath and when the betrayal comes, it cuts sharply both for her and the reader.  This young adult fantasy is a debut for author Bardugo, and is the first installment of the Grisha trilogy.  Out in paperback in May; the hardcover is available at San Diego County Library now.

Request it!


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