Recommended Read: Horns

hornsHorns by Joe Hill
Recommended by Jodi de la Pena
Library Technician, Rancho San Diego Branch

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.” –Oscar Wilde

Joe Hill may have been channeling Oscar Wilde when he wrote Horns, as this novel personifies the old adage “wrestling with your own devils.” Horns is a wicked romp and dances on a knife’s edge of dark fantasy and crime thriller. Our reluctant hero, Ig Perrish, demonized by his family and community for the alleged death of his girlfriend, discovers upon waking one morning, that he has grown horns.  Initially, this shocking development provides its own anguish for Iggy, but soon he is wielding these unsettling powers with vigor and amusement. By controlling this new ability and exercising his personal demons, Ig exposes both the love and hate that drove the murder of his fiancée. Throughout the book, Joe Hill demonstrates a sinister sense of humor and a deadly sense of justice.   Horns is currently slated for release on the big screen this October with Daniel Radcliffe portraying Iggy.

Request it!


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