Recommended Read: The Glass Castle

glasscastleThe Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls
Recommended by Abigail Morales
Assistant Branch Manager, Spring Valley Branch

As a child you begin your life believing the affirmations your parents instilled. To you, life is normal and everything is an adventure. In The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, you learn the heart aching truth of a woman’s intricate childhood and how she came out on the other side as an adult. As she grew up and lost her innocence, she had to cope with the harsh realities of lies, intrigue, deception, broken promises, and false truths. Having to endure the acceptance that her parents had failed, while struggling to live with the knowledge that she could not help them any longer, author Jeannette Walls’ traditional American dream was achieved by no easy conventional means. Discover the true story of a young girl who dreamed of one day living in a glass castle.

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One thought on “Recommended Read: The Glass Castle

  1. Wonderful book- as is her other novel; a talented writer, she leaves the reader with a heart aching for the disillusioned child she was, and happy for the resilient adult she became. What does not kill you, makes you strong! Love this!

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