Recommended Read: Out of the Easy

outoftheeasyOut of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys
Recommended by Liz Vagani
Youth Services Librarian, Poway Branch

Despite living in the Big Easy, life has been anything but simple for Josie Moraine. The daughter of one of the French Quarter’s more infamous ladies of the night, Josie finds herself constantly fighting to escape the long shadow cast by her less than beloved mother. Josie has big plans, the kind a girl like her has no right to. Plans like an Ivy League school, an Uptown sort of life. She’s working hard to get out of the Easy, when a murder in the Quarter stops her cold. Suspicion rolls in like a hurricane, and suddenly everyone Josie knows is engulfed in the storm. With her loyalties tested to the breaking point, Josie is running out of time to determine what matters the most; family by blood, family by choice, or the dream of a life she may yet be able to live. Written so vividly the reader can almost hear the brass bands and smell the seamy underbelly of New Orleans, this intriguing novel is a teen title even adults won’t be able to put down.

Request it!


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