Recommended Read: Robert B. Parker’s Wonderland

wonderlandRobert B. Parker’s Wonderland by Ace Atkins
Recommended by Ellie Slade
Branch Manager, Ramona Branch

If I were a betting lady, I’d wager that Ace Atkins’ posthumous continuation of the Spenser novels will please the most seasoned Robert B. Parker fans. Artfully written, Atkins’ Robert B. Parker’s Wonderland follows the snappy street jive and colorful characters unique to Boston’s neighborhood streets. Here Spenser investigates his friend’s dispute with a big time casino developer interested in buying his buddy’s Revere Beach condo on the cheap. As in most swindles, following the money trail eventually leads Spenser right into the fighting ring of the righteous against the gambling goons for possession of the former Wonderland Greyhound Racing Tracks property. What makes Robert B. Parker’s and Ace Atkins’ writing so satisfying is that the bad guys always get the proverbial punch in the nose or kick in the can — just as they deserve — with Spenser winning for the little guy.

Request it!


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