Recommended Read: The Bubble Gum Thief

bubblegumThe Bubble Gum Thief by Jeff Miller
Recommended by Erica Miller
Assistant Manager, Lakeside Branch

The Bubble Gum Thief is a mystery that will keep you guessing and wondering until the very end. It starts small with the theft of a pack of gum from a store in upstate New York. The thief leaves the following message, “This is my first. The next will be bigger.” The next crime is bigger, the death of a dog in another state but with the same message attached to the dog. Every two weeks a bigger, unrelated crime in another location is committed with the same message. When a bank is robbed, FBI agent Dagny Gray is assigned to the case. Dagny is an athletic, intelligent, high achiever driven to control herself and those around her. Her life spins out of control as the crimes come closer to home, shattering her fragile emotional stability. It is a race against time for Dagny and her partners to stop the escalating crimes before innocent people are killed.

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