Recommended Read: The End of Your Life Book Club

endofyourlifeThe End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe
Recommended by Debbie Khouri
Library Technician, Lemon Grove Branch

This biography is about Will’s mother, Mary Anne, who has been diagnosed with hepatitis then progresses to pancreatic cancer from one of her humanitarian trips overseas. Will works as a journalist and editor–in-chief at a publishing company. Mary Anne is an accomplished fundraiser for various charities who loves people and working for causes. Both mother and son are avid readers, so Will decides they should start a book club “without food” where they share their personal thoughts about faith and humanity. They compose a list of books ranging from popular to classics, mysteries, poetry, fantasy and spiritual readings. Schwalbe’s list of books provides a quick summary with his own interpretation of the books as well as information about the authors. I enjoyed how he tied chapter titles with thoughts about the book and a memory about the family. As Mary Anne’s condition worsens, we empathize with him as he struggles with his mother’s impending death, but we celebrate his loving relationship with his mother and their books.

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One thought on “Recommended Read: The End of Your Life Book Club

  1. This is a wonderful book. Schwalbe deals with his mother’s illness in a warm & loving way. They are always making plans to read another book, and then another. And the books they recommend are pretty darn good!

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