Recommended Read: The Scorpio Races

scorpioThe Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
Recommended by Danielle Clayton
Teen Services Librarian, Poway Branch

As November approaches, residents of the island of Thisby get ready for the Scorpio Races, a horse race on the beach that draws tourists to the tiny island. They are racing the capaill uisce, or water horses, ferocious and untamable man-eating horses that emerge from the sea. The islanders have deep ties to the capaill uisce, who bring either death or glory in the races. Sean Kendrick, last year’s winner, races this time for his own freedom and the freedom of his stallion Corr; at just 19, he is a seasoned racer. A new contestant, 16-year-old Katherine, known as Puck to the island natives, decides to join the race as well, and pits her land mare against the water horses in an attempt to save her family and her home. Sean and Puck become allies against the combined forces of the other cut-throat racers, bigoted islanders, and the man poised to take Puck’s home. I highly recommend this Printz Honor book to teens and adults.

Request it!


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