Recommended Read: The Bookman’s Tale

bookmanstaleThe Bookman’s Tale: A Novel of Obsession by Charlie Lovett
Recommended by Liz Vagani
Youth Services Librarian, Poway Branch

A century-old watercolor looking exactly like his dead wife falls from the pages of a book, and Peter Byerly finds himself galvanized for the first time since her death. He is obsessed with the mystery behind the painting. As his search for answers leads him to the sort of discovery every antiquarian book dealer dreams of, Peter has the chance not only to discover the origins of the painting, but possibly prove once and for all the truth behind who wrote the plays attributed to William Shakespeare. The clock is ticking, danger is threatening, and Peter is desperate to determine whether the volume he has discovered is historical artifact or brilliant forgery. When the hunt threatens his life, Peter needs to decide if the answers are worth risking all that he has started to rebuild. This fast paced biblio-thriller draws readers from Elizabethan London to modern day England, delighting book lovers and mystery aficionados alike.

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