Recommended Read: Killing Jesus

killingjesusKilling Jesus by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard
Recommended by Jose Robles
Assistant Branch Manager, Imperial Beach Branch

This book isn’t for the Christians or the non-Christians alike; it’s a historical (non-religious) narrative aimed to better appreciate and understand what is presented in the gospels of the New Testament. TV journalist Bill O’Reilly and co-author Martin Dugard did a wonderful job presenting a well-researched book full of historical facts and perhaps one of the easiest books to read about the life and death of Jesus Christ. The historical background of the Roman Empire and its leaders like Julius Caesar really helped put the politics and motivation of Jesus’ execution into perspective. The suspenseful reading allows the reader to step back and experience it as if you were in Rome yourself! I warn you, if you’re already familiar with the Bible, you may find this book somewhat dull and uninteresting. I hope Bill continues his trilogy.

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One thought on “Recommended Read: Killing Jesus

  1. Actually, having read Mr. Robles review, I found HIS entry, to quote him, rather “dull and uninteresting”. As a life-long historian and avid student of all things “historic”, I have always found the Bible, whilst religion oriented and created for the express purpose of population control by the church powers of each age, interesting but oddly convenient to achieve exactly what desired by “The Church” over the massively illiterate and superstitious populations through the ages. The question has always been foremost in my mind when considering The Bible is: How do they know what was said, what was done, by whom, to whom? What do angels look like? Who said they look like that? Etc. There were NO scribes constantly writing (particularly considering the fact that few could write ANYTHING and even fewer could read). Who frantically scribbled the utterings of Moses or all the equally illiterate prophets? It always came back to the fact that THE CHURCH wanted specific actions and demanded specific prohibitions according to THEIR OWN beliefs with absolutely NO consideration for reality or fact so invented stories that would back their own version of events..
    Bill O’Reilly has captured and collated very specific things, actions and deeds based largely upon the inventions of THE CHURCH but supported by historical facts and presented a very accurate historical treatise. He has researched and painted pictures of the swirl and tapestry of history some 2000 years removed, as the world was seen and felt then. His work, for the most part, is historical and leans on the stories told and memories for generations. It is, again for the most part, very historically accurate.
    I read the book twice, each time gleaning a bit more information. Rather than “dull and uninteresting”, I found it to be great read, very fast and well researched. I researched some of O’Reilly’s research and found him to be spot on. I recommend this book to Christians and non-Christians alike.

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