Recommended Read: The Water Mirror

watermirrorThe Water Mirror by Kai Meyer
Recommended by Ariadna Jimenez-Barrios
Librarian, Encinitas Branch

In the streets and canals of Venice, not everything is what it appears to be. Merle is the heroine of the Dark Reflections trilogy by Kai Meyer. She is a young girl who lives in an orphanage and has no one in this world except for herself. One day a mysterious mirror maker named Arcimboldo takes her under his tutelage along with Junipa, a blind orphan with special abilities. Merle is no ordinary girl either; she poses a water mirror that holds a secret. Even though the city’s economy is failing, Arcimboldo’s business thrives with the help of none other than Hell itself.

Set in historical Venice, the plot takes us far beyond its history and into the depths of magical beings, rules and the fight for power. The first book introduces crucial characters, such as the flowing queen who is venerated by all Venice; Serafin, a former master thief,;and Vermithrax,a mythical being. We learn more about the flowing queen through her manipulation of Merle’s mind and body. This is a fast-paced adventure for young adult readers and advanced uvenile readers. Merle’s quest to save the faith of Venice continues in Stone Light (book 2) and The Glass Word (book 3).

Request it!


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