Recommended Read: Sovay

sovaySovay by Celia Rees
Recommended by Cecilia Salgado
Librarian, Ramona Branch

During the year of 1794 in London, Miss Sovay Middleton is not your usual fair young maiden, but a highwayman masquerading as a man who holds up stagecoaches. Sovay’s father, Justice Middleton, a reformist who believes in reason, equality, and liberty, is known amongst the town to be lenient and fair except to authority. A Bow Street runner carries warrants and evidence for Sovay’s father’s arrest, charged with sedition. Yet the brave and determined Sovay protects her family’s safe- guard. During the time of the French Revolution, this novel, heightened with excitement, thrills of danger and wild chases, explores the realm of dreams and outwits the constraints of the regime.

Request it!


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